Paragon QNX Driver Embedded

Full access to ExFAT, NTFS, HFS volumes under QNX!

  • Full support of ExFAT, HFS+ and NTFS
  • High perfomance and safety
  • Stability in heavy conditions
  • Tailor-made OEM solution

Features & system requirements


General features

  • Full access. Full access for reading, writing and formatting any type of popular storage devices (NTFS/HFS+/ExFAT-formatted)
  • All connection types support. Internal and external storage devices supported: SATA HDD, USB-HDD, SSD, SD cards, etc
  • Any hardware platform support. Running on any architecture, supported by QNX
  • Stability. Tested in different configurations to ensure absence of any file or volume corruptions
  • System utilities. Additional utilities for formatting, checking and fixing NTFS/HFS+/exFAT-formatted volumes under QNX
  • Safety. Standby mode for correct data saving even without proper unmounts of a storage device
  • High performance. Driver is delivered as a shared library for a io-blk QNX virtual file system to ensure the highest performance


System requirements

Supported architectures

Paragon QNX driver embedded running on any architecture, supported by QNX:

  • x86;ARM
  • MIPS
  • PowerPC
  • SH4
and others.

Software requirements

The "Paragon QNX driver embedded" supports 6.5.0 and 6.5.0 SP1 versions of QNX system.



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