Paragon QNX Driver Embedded

Full access to ExFAT, NTFS, HFS volumes under QNX!

  • Full support of ExFAT, HFS+ and NTFS
  • High perfomance and safety
  • Stability in heavy conditions
  • Tailor-made OEM solution

Key scenarios

 • Use NTFS file system volumes:

 Use NTFS-formatted USB HDDs or SSDs on QNX platform.

• Use ExFAT file system volumes:

View photos/video files on QNX-based media center from a large SD card (> 64GB), used in photo/video camera and formatted into ExFAT file system.

• Use HFS+ file system volumes:

Use HFS-formatted USB-HDD or SSDs with Paragon QNX driver embedded.

Ensure data safety even when USB storage device/SD card detached without safe removal procedure:

Paragon QNX driver embedded supports a ‘standby mode’ feature which ensures your data is saved correctly, even when the storage device is detached without proper unmount from the QNX platform.

• Use NTFS for QNX driver both for internal and external storages:

Paragon QNX driver embedded supports both internal, e.g. SATA HDD, and external, e.g. USB-HDD/SD cards, storage devices connected to QNX platform.

• Format storages to different file systems and check errors:

You can include additional utilities for formatting storages to NTFS/HFS+/exFAT and checking/fixing of file systems to your final platform.

• Choose file systems to support by the driver library:

You can set the number of supported file systems - all three (NTFS/HFS+/exFAT) or one/two of them.



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