UFSD Root Mounter for Android

Get full access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes on your Android device!

  • Full read and write access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes on your Android device
  • Unique automounting feature
  • Requires ROOT!
  • More than 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play
Free (8.2 MB)

Why Paragon UFSD Root Mounter for Android?

  • The only cross-platform tool on the market with NTFS and HFS+ partition automounting feature!
  • The new automount option, which can be conveniently activated or disabled in “Settings”, allows users to simply insert an SD card or a USB flash drive, and all NTFS and HFS+ partitions will be automatically mounted
  • Strong journaling capabilities: safely complete uncompleted transactions even after unsafe media removal
  • 20+ years of industry expertise you can trust
  • Successfully tested by over 1,000,000 Android enthusiasts!


  • !!REQUIRES ROOT!! Please make sure your device is rooted before installing the app;
  • Android 5.0 support is limited due to its security restrictions*;
  • Android 6.0 is not supported due to its even higher security restrictions*.

If your device is not rooted and you don’t want to root it, use our non-root solution - Paragon exFAT / NTFS/ FAT32 / HFS+ for Total Commander for Android

Do you develop Android apps?

Let your users enjoy full access to data from their NTFS, HFS+, FAT 32 and exFAT storages. Learn more here >>

Customer spotlights

    • "This app should be standard on all ROMs! Works perfectly with my 3TB NTFS harddrive. I can play movies, music etc. directly from the harddrive!"

      — Kornwit Nielsen

    • "Perfect for mounting other hard drive partitions within Android. I am using this app with Android x86 and it works perfectly. I am able to mount other partitions from my hard drive and access them directly with a file browser. Seems to have no problem reading and writing to journaled HFS+ partitions as well. Amazing app. This is a must have for any multiboot system."

      — Daniel Wilson

    • "Superb. This solves my all issues, tried others also but they were paid with less features. This does my job. Thanks developer, any update would be appreciable."

      — Mohsin Basharat


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*Please note! Android changed its security policy in versions 5.0 and higher. If your device is based on these versions, in order to read files, you first need to copy them from the external storage to the internal device memory or a memory card via any root-privileged file manager. After that you will be able to read the files.

The app doesn't support Android 6.0. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.